What is MUSIQ?

MUSIQ is a user-friendly app that allows you to categorise your music and quickly create dynamic playlists.

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Apart from playing catalogued music, MUSIQ features a tagging system allowing to evaluate songs according to their tempo and mood. It’s done by dragging the song and dropping it in the right spot on a coordinate system. You decide whether the song is fast or slow and what kind of emotions it evokes - positive or rather dark.

After the streamlined process of tagging your music, you’re able to select the range of songs you’re interested in which then gets displayed as a dynamic playlists. Songs fitting the range can be filtered and sorted according to various parameters or a specific query.

MUSIC dynamic collection flow


Song list

Folders containing music are displayed on the Local tab. Unlike many apps which display all the folders within folders, our algorithm shortens the access path to the main folder. Example:


If the first folder containing audio files is „MyMusic”, then it’s displayed in the app as the main folder.

The path can always be checked by tapping a specific folder icon.

Filtering and sorting

Filtering allows you to narrow down the list of displayed songs to those containing a set phrase: a song title, an album or an artist. It can be used on the Local tab, as well as while creating the dynamic playlists.

We’ve also implemented alphabetic, album and artist sorting.


You’re able to use the drag-and-drop tagging system everywhere in the app. The songs can be tagged on the playlist screen, on the player as well as on the song details screen, which allows you to instantly check the tags assigned to a song.


The key feature of MUSIQ is the creation of dynamic playlists. All you need to do is to select a range on the coordinate system. Every song within that range gets displayed below. That way you can easily control what kind of music you listen to based on your mood.

Dynamic music collections

Local library in MUSIQ application

MUSIC application drag and drop feature

MUSIQ application tripple filter

Further development and premium version

The premium version of MUSIQ will sport many new functions and additional features ready to unleash the true potential of the app.

The most important premium feature is the ability to curate your collections. Premium users will be able to create their own collections and to customise the values displayed on the coordinate system. That way power users will get even more possibilities of categorising their music.

We value the individual taste of our users, so the premium version will feature the interface colour customisation, as well as a light UI theme.

More improvements and visual customisation options are planned. The premium version is also ad-free.

As the popularity of MUSIQ grows we plan to include functions such as automatic initial tagging, cloud storage, multi-dimensional tagging system and many more.

A desktop version, as well as streaming is planned too.

From the very beginning MUSIQ had been created with user satisfaction in mind, therefore all the user feedback will be carefully evaluated and taken into consideration during the development process.

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