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An innovate way of creating music collections

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MUSIQ is a user-friendly app that allows you to categorise your music and quickly create dynamic playlists.

Apart from playing catalogued music, MUSIQ features a tagging system allowing to evaluate songs according to their tempo and mood. It’s done by dragging the song and dropping it in the right spot on a coordinate system. You judge whether the song is fast or slow and what kind of emotions it evokes - positive or rather dark.

After the streamlined process of tagging your music, you’re able to select the range of songs you’re interested in which then gets displayed as a dynamic playlists. Songs fitting the range can be filtered and sorted according to various parameters or a specific query.

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Local Library

Supported formats:
mp3 .ogg .wav .mp4, .m4a .mid, .xmf .aac .flac

Smart directories

Tripple Filter

  • Filter by phrase
  • Collector position
  • Collector range

+ sort by name, date, album, artist

Drag & Drop

From any place inside app

Dynamic collections

Create queue faster than regular playlists


Multiple collections

Create as many Collections as you want!
You can for example use it for creating genere based collections

Visual Experience

Parallax, animations, smooth transitions

Light Theme

Bright theme variation

Color themes

Match your style with app theme

AD free

Enjoy the application without ads.


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